Yumi's Cells is a webtoon originally published on the Korean comic site Naver. It's written and illustrated by Dong-Gun Lee (Hangul: 이동건). An official English translation is provided on LINE Webtoon.

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Inside Yumi, a 32 year old office worker, lives thousands of tiny blue-hooded cells that control her every mood, thought, and action.

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Yumi likes her younger colleague, Wook. A lot of things prevent her from pursuing him like being insecure about her age and her rival, Ruby. However, Yumi's cells are willing to do anything for Yumi's happiness.

Wook seems to be interested in her too; wanting to talk to her and go out with her. Yumi becomes overjoyed at the thought that he would confess his love. Yumi finds out that it is all a setup for him to ask her if she wanted to go on a blind date with his friend. Yumi also finds out that he is homosexual, so she would never have a chance with him.

Yumi becomes depressed over this, and her blind date with Wook's friend, Woong, seems to be a total bust.

As Yumi becomes more and more stressed, she faints, and Woong carries her and runs to a nearby hospital. He buys her a frog hoodie and when Yumi wakes up, she starts to take more interest in Woong.

After becoming an item, Woong's colleague, Sia, continually tries to seduce Woong. Yumi takes note of this and competes with Sia. Eventually Woong has enough of Sia and tells her to stop. Sia is surprised at his outburst and decides to take a job somewhere else.

Yumi meets Babi, a co-worker who lives in her neighborhood. She finds out that Babi was dumped by a long term partner. The two become friends, and the cells create a "Babi Fan Club." Babi starts showing feelings for Yumi, but she is oblivious to this.

Eventually Yumi and Woong fall out. Woong realized at the last moment Yumi mattered more than his pride. However, it was too late. Both Yumi and Woongs Love Cells pull out the breakup card. The cards were used successfully and Yumi struggled afterwards.

Woong's gaming company goes out of business and he becomes unemployed.

A couple weeks go by and Yumi takes a liking to Babi. She rejects him for fearing she might be talked about. Eventually the Babi Fan Club Cells convince Rational Cell to give him a chance. Yumi confesses her feelings to Babi, which offscreen accepts. Currently they are a couple.

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Yumi likes to eat due to Hunger Cell.

Yumi Edit

An introverted girl who likes to eat. She first likes Wook, but he tells Yumi he's not into girls. She got set up to go on a blind date with Wook's friend, Woong. Initially, she didn't see herself with Woong, but after the hospital trip they officially begin dating. After a total of a year, 4 months, and 1 day, they break up and go separate ways. Currently, she is in a relationship with Babi.

Her cells wear a bright blue suit with a hood.

Wook Edit

Wook is the first introduced love interest. He is younger than Yumi and works in the advertising department. He also confessed to liking a guy.

His cells wear light purple suits.


Yumi's colleague and former love rival. She is manipulative and very determined to get Wook's love. Though, she doesn't know that Wook is homosexual. Ruby is talkative and very open with her emotions.

Her cells wear pink suits

Woong Edit

Wook's friend and game designer. Before dating Yumi, he sat around working all day and generally was a slob. After meeting her, he grew to like her, showing his dedication by carrying her to a nearby hospital after she fainted. Despite this, his pride always came first, which also lead to their breakup.

His cells wear dark blue-purple suits. Many have animal attributes to them.

Sia Edit

Woong's close friend, co-worker, and former love interest. They've been acquainted since college but she turned down Woong's confession in order to focus on her career as an Art Director. Her feelings started showing otherwise as soon as Yumi started dating Woong.

Her cells wear Orange suits.

Babi Edit

Babi works with the Marketing Department in Yumi's office. He first met Yumi in a neighborhood park and has since showed an interest in Yumi even though they were both dating other people at the time. He finally went after Yumi afer her break up with Woong. After being rejected by Yumi, he continues to grow on her. Eventually she accepts her feelings for him. Currently they are in a relationship.

Eda Edit

Yumi's friend and co-worker. She has a crush on Babi. Currently she isn't on good terms with Yumi after Yumi foolishly told Eda she also likes Babi. Her cells wear dark green suits.

The Other Wook Edit

the other Wook was Yumi's first long term boyfriend. He breaks up with her for an unexplained reason, which caused the 'Great Flood' in the Cells village. This also made Yumi and her cells feel inclined to get into long term relationships for the fear of the same thing repeating. Wook appears officially midway into Yumis relationship with Woong in attempt to grow close to her. Yumi coldly refuses any sort of small talk, which damages Wooks pride and confidence.ghbfgvfvvfgff

His cells wear light grey suits.

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