For the Sake of Sita is a webtoon originally published on the Korean comic site Naver. It's written and illustrated by Haga (Hangul: 하가). An official English translation is provided on LINE Webtoon.

Synopsis Edit

"A medical student passionately falls in love with a fallen goddess during his volunteer abroad in Nepal, and he desperately tries to fight off destiny to save his love." - Official synopsis.

Summary Edit

In the beginning, the Goddess Taleju descended from Heaven in human form. The King at that time was captivated by her beauty and tried to rape her. Taleju cursed them and ascended back to the heavens. The King repented by building her a temple and and prayed for forgiveness. Taleju ordered the King to pick a young girl (between three to five years old) to serve as her vessel. These girls became known as the Kumari.

In the present, a medical student working as a volunteer doctor in Nepal, meets Jharana Sita, a prostitute, and falls in love with her. The two get married and move back to his home in South Korea.

Sita helps the medical student overcome his fear of blood by telling him that he is alive because blood runs through him (known because of a heart beat) and that if blood is spilt, it's just a call for help.

After performing his first successful surgery, he finds out Sita has died to an illness she received as a prostitute.

In a state of depression, he goes back to Nepal and begs God to bring her back. God asks if "[he is] willing to give up ( )."

The medical student wakes up to see Sita, as a child. He also realizes he is older and wrinklier than before. Young Sita and the older medical student become friends. Wanting to prevent Sita's death in the future, he helps young Sita pass the test to become a Kumari, which she is aiming for to help out her struggling family and ill brother, Haduru.

Sita passes through the selection process with ease, making friends with her competitor, Ramlo Sita. In the end, Sita wins and becomes the next Kumari.

Life as a Kumari seems not as great as she thought it would be. She's uneducated and can't do anything by herself, not even express emotions, as people believe it's a bad omen.

When she reaches her teens and gets her first period, she is demoted as Kumari, since blood leaving the body or illness is a sign of mortality. She wanders around the street assuming people would just give her things for free -- as her whole life she was treated as such. People avoid her as they believe it is also bad luck to associate with a demoted Kumari. Desperate for food she turns to the red light district to sell her body, but the older medical student stops her and takes her in.

After a couple of years, Sita is now an adult and meets the younger medical student and falls in love, not realizing the older medical student's identity. She plans to move to South Korea with him and get married. She bids goodbye to the older medical student and thanks him for everything and for being a father to her.

Once she leaves with the younger him, he rests himself up on a tree and slowly passes on.

In the epilogue, he wakes up and finds himself back at the temple and thanks God for helping him achieve his goals. There he meets the Goddess -- his "love."

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