DICE, or DICE: The Cube That Changes Everything, is a webtoon originally published on the Korean comic site Naver. It's written and illustrated by Hyun-Seok Yun (Hangul: 윤현석). An official English translation is provided on LINE Webtoon.

Synopsis Edit

"What if you can restart your life with a different setting just like a game? Dong-Tae always get bullied by his classmates, but Tae-Bin, sits right next to him, is handsome and popular at school; and now, Tae-Bin suggests Dong-Tae to play a little game." - Official synopsis.

Summary Edit

Characters Edit

Dong-Tae Edit

Dong-Tae is the main protagonist of DICE. He starts off as a timid kid with bottom of the barrel rankings on every aspect of his life. Whether it be looks, intelligence, height, it was like Dongtae rolled "ones" for all of his attributes. Constantly bullied and incapable of approaching his crush Eunju, Dongtae is rescued from a spiral of despair by becoming a Dicer.

Eun-Ju Edit

Eunju is the female protagonist of the series and Dong-Tae's former crush. In terms of die points, she would be a full "six". Beautiful, popular, talented and accomplished, she is initially depicted by Dongtae as the prettiest girl in the whole school. She was the only main character who was not a Dicer but recently became an A-Ranker.

Tae-Bin Dong Edit

Taebin, full name Taebin Dong (and thus a near-homonym of the protagonist), is a main character in the series and is currently Eun-Ju's ex-boyfriend. A transfer student to Dong-Tae's school and classroom, and sitting next to him, Tae-Bin is a Dicer and was initially his desk neighbour's mirror opposite: a full "number 6" through and through, he quickly became one of the most popular students in the school through his looks, physical prowess and smarts. He had been made a Dicer by Moo-Young.

Yeo-Hwe Ahn (Mio) Edit

Yeo-Hwe Ahn, also known as Mio, is one of Dong-Tae's classmates that became a Dicer in the chaos of Byung-Chul's death. She had a crush on Dong-Tae before he became a Dicer; the two are now dating.

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